IEEE Region10 Student Congress

IEEE Region10 Student Congress Report

IEEE Student Branch at University of Tokyo
Tokyo Section
Group 5

Summary of Experience
One of the most important experiences during the Congress is that I was able to make friends with many delegates of Region10 through this Congress. After coming back to Japan, I sometimes get in touch with some of them through E-mail. Of course, I made friends with all Japan delegates and now we have got into contact with each other.

Though we always speak only Japanese and rarely get in touch with people from other countries in Japan, I have got to know people of various nationalities and various cultures in Singapore. I was able to make friends with delegates of Korea, the nearest foreign country from Japan.

Participating in this Congress, I learned about other Branchesf activities which I did not know before this and compared our Branchfs activities with other Branchesf. I found that our Branch is not well active. So I thought that we had to be more active like other Branches.

Overview of the Congress activities
There were many beneficial activities during the Congress. The delegates were divided into 10 groups after registration. Then we introduced ourselves and had dinner. Through this I got to know other delegates of same group and our group councilors.

On the first day of the Congress, the IEEE Region10 Student Congress was opened with the opening speech of Dr. Wallace at the Opening Ceremony. Through the talk at Opening Ceremony, I learned about IEEE and the actual situation of Region10. Although I have become a Vice Chairperson in this spring and did not fully understand my role. Thanks to all the presentations during the Congress, I have now understood my role as the Vice Chairperson.

At IEEE Training Workshop, I learned that one would benefit a lot from being an IEEE student member. I also got a lot of information from the talks which would be useful when recruiting new student members in the future. In addition to this, I listened to a lot of meaningful talks about IEEE, for example, the website of IEEE and the IEEE GOLD. All delegates, including the Tokyo session, made their own presentations. These presentations report the activities and current situations of every Branch. After this, I discussed the reported activities with other delegates of the same group.

On the following day, Ms Loreen Ozolins told us how to play an active role in the IEEE and how to plan activities, in Strategic Planning Session. I was very interested in this presentation because it contributes to our future Branch activities directly. After that, we discussed subjects which we have selected for interesting topics the previous day, and made a presentation about the subjects. After the presentation, all delegates and organizers took part in a few games.

On the third day, Ms Loreen Ozolins set up a Leadership Training Workshop. Through this Workshop, I learned how I should take part in the IEEE activities and the roles I should play in them. In my opinion, this is the most beneficial part to me in this Congress. In the afternoon, we visited Cisco and A* Star to understand the IT industry in Singapore. At dinner time, I listened to the presentations about industry of Singapore and Asia.

On the last day, we took photos with delegates and organizers, and exchanged E-mail addresses with them.

Things and issues learned
In Asia we have a lot of trouble with paying annual membership and magazine fee. The main factor is believed to be the big exchange rate difference.

The other problem is how to recruit new student members.

Most beneficial activities
The presentation of Ms Loreen Ozolins at Leadership Training Workshop is the most valuable experience to me. In this Workshop, I learned how our Branch should play an active role and how I should take an active part as a leader in our Branch.

Plans to propose in our Student Branch
In general, the name of IEEE is not very popular in Japan. At the University of Tokyo, the number of undergraduate student members is very small and the most important issue is how to recruit new student members. Almost all Branches are much more active than our Branch. Our Branch must also be as active as other Branches.

To make the IEEE Student Branch more appealing to the students, I think our Branch should carry out more activities at our university. The following are some of the proposed activities.

1. Display the flag made during the anniversary last year at events of our university
2. Make the website of our Branch attractive, a website in which one would get interested once visited.

By these, we aim to make gIEEE Student Branchh more popular in order to increase the number of new student members. Furthermore, not only we need more new student members in our Branch but we should also carry out various activities periodically.

Any other matter
Finally, a very individual problem is that I was not able to take an active part in the discussion session actively because of my poor English.

I want to get in touch with various people and hope that the Overall Student Branch Congress will be organized in the near future.

At last, Thank you all delegates and all organizers!

Written by Tatsuya Kurano

IEEE Region10 Student Congress Website is here