About Us

Aizawa laboratory belongs to the Department of Information Communication Engineering, School of Information Science and Technology of The University of Tokyo and the Interfaculy Initiative of Information Studies of The University of Tokyo. All the students belong to either of the departments and there is no difference which department they belong to. Our main office is at Hongo campus.

We have been working on image and video processing technologies for the next-generation information society. We are interested in a variety of fundamental technologies for image and video processing such as acquisition, encoding, processing, display, and their application systems. We are also trying to explore new research fields.

Some of our on-going research topics:

  • Object Recognition & Optimization
  • Multimedia Lifelog : Foodlog
  • 3D & Omnidirectional Image Processing
  • Manga Image Processing
  • Multimodal Processing
  • Attractiveness Computing
  • A New Domain of Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition
  • Application to Real World Problems