IMPS 2013 Best poster award
Nov 12, 2013

山崎 俊彦, Andrew Gallagher, Tsuhan Chen, and 相澤 清晴, “季節・時刻を考慮した大規模位置履歴からの都市内・都市間旅行推薦,” received the best poster award in IMPS 2013(I-4-15, Yugawara, Kanagawa, Nov. 6-8, 201)

ACMMM Best paper award
Oct 22, 2013

The research paper, "Personalized Intra- and Inter-City Travel Recommendation Using Large-Scale Geo-Tags", T. Yamasaki, A. Gallagher, and T. Chen , received the best paper award in 2nd ACM Multimedia Workshop on Geotagging and Its Applications in Multimedia.

ACMMM (10/21-25)
Oct 22, 2013

The following research results will be announced at ACMMM2013.

Litian Sun and Kiyoharu Aizawa, "Action Recognition using Invariant Features under Unexampled Viewing Condition."

T. Yamasaki, A. Gallagher, and T. Chen, "Personalized Intra- and Inter-City Travel Recommendation Using Large-Scale Geotags"

Kiia Korpi,Kiyoharu Aizawa "Kanji Snap - an OCR-based smartphone application for learning Japanese kanji characters"

FoodLog for Smartphone was launched!
July 17, 2013

Working together with foo.log Inc, FoodLog for Smartphone was launched July 17, 2013.

Go to, the video can be seen here

8th National Convention of SHOKUIKU
June 22,23, 2013

Our "FoodLog for Smartphone", which assists food recording by image recognition, will be demonstrated.

SUGATA MIRROR for the Exhibition
June 19, 2013

SUGATA MIRROR of our project is displayed at the exhibition "Ghosts, Underpants and Stars" at Museum of Contenporary Art Tokyo (Jun.29 - Sep.9, 2013)

NIWA TAKAYANAGI Achievement Award
May 22, 2013

Prof. Kiyoharu Aizawa received NIWA TAKAYANAGI Achievement Award from ITE for his contributions for pionieering work in the multimedia foodlog system.