UTokyo Teatime Hackathon2017 Grand Prize
Ms. Yiwei Zhang in JASA-CG team won the Grand Prize at UTokyo Teatime Hackathon2017.
AI Challenge Classification 1st, Detection 2nd place, Chairman's Award
The graduate student team of our laboratory (Ikami, Takeki, Inoue, Ogawa) won 1st and 2nd place in Food Calssification and Food Region Detection tasks, respectively, in AI Challenge Competition sponsered by Artificial Intelligence Technology Strategy Meeting, Cabinet Office, and MEXT.
Entrance Exam Briefings, Posters, and Demos
Entrance Exam Briefings, Posters, and Demos will be held as in the following.

When: May 27th (Sat) 2017, 13:30- (registration open at 13:00)
Where: Lecture Hall 213, on the 1st floor in Faculty of Engineering Building 2, Hongo campus
After this, briefings by Dept. Information and Communication Engineering will also be held.

Those who want to join Aizawa-lab or Yamasaki-lab may not want to miss it.
WEB article
We have been collaborating with Prof. Darren Menabney of GLOBIS University to help his MBA Students talk like good TED speakers. Our activity has been introduced in the following WEB article.
Student Technical Paper Award
Mr. Yusuke Fukushima of Yamasaki-Lab has won
Student Technical Paper Award from The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation
Best Master Thesis Award
Mr. Yusuke Fukushima of Yamasaki-Lab has won
Best Master Thesis Award from Dept. Information and Communication Engineering
2016 Funai Academic Award
Feb. 21st, 2017
Asso. Prof. Toshihiko Yamasaki has recieved 2016 Funai Academic Award for the following achievements:
Pioneering work on attractiveness computing using big multimedia data