Microsoft Research CORE10: A Navigation System for Media Generation by Consumers


The goal of the project was to navigate ordinary users to generate higher quality media data by using big multimedia data on the Internet. Although taking photos and videos and sharing them on the social network has become very popular and common, it does not necessarily mean that the users are getting better at taking photos and videos, annotating them, and generating new contents from them than before. In this project, three types of navigation systems have been investigated:
  • Navigation of user activity design: navigating users where to go and what to do for taking good photos and for having good experiences based on their personal preferences (Fig. 1).
  • Navigation of multimedia item generation: navigating users to take good photos and videos and annotate with good text tags (Fig. 2).
  • Navigation of multimedia content generation: navigating users to merge multimedia items such as images, video clips, texts, etc., and to generate high quality multimedia content such as presentations.
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SCAT: Object Recognition Based on Confidence Analysis of Classifiers


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